This unit is supported by an array of ultramodern diagnostic services, and relevant super-specialty services and is able to provide complete spectrum of services necessary for the care of patients suffering from any disorder of Liver, Pancreas, and Gall bladder. The services include
Surgical Services (Open & laparoscopic, Children & adults):
Liver Transplants Both Cadaver & Living Donor
Resections for HCC, Cholangiocarcinomas, Colorectal Metastasis, Neuroendocrine Tumors, Gallbladder cancers, Adenomas, Haemangiomas, Trauma
Non operative treatment -Radiofrequency ablation, Alcohol injection, Transarterial chemo & Yittrium 90 embolization.
Complex benign and malignant biliary strictures, Cholangiocarcinomas, biliary fistulas, Gallbladder cancers, Kasai for biliary atresia
Pancreas Transplant
Complicated acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis (Headcoring,Pancreatojejunostomies, Resections), Pancreaticoduodenectomies, neuroendocrine tumors
Emergency shunts for medically failed upper GI bleeds, Elective shunts. Extra hepatic Portal vein obstruction, TIPS, cavo-atrial shunts for Budd-Chiari
Advanced diagnostic procedures

PET CT is the only one available in whole South India . PET CT is whole body scan mainly used to detect Cancer cell Activity. Combined with CT it would exactly where the cancer is and whether it has spread anywhere. All this is done in one go. Twenty four hour Angiogram service is available and this is very essential to run a good Liver and other abdominal trauma service. MRI is an essential part of any HPB unit. But people are little apprehensive where they have to lie down in a tube. For the first time in Asia , our unit MRI has an Ambience which is like a Home Theatre where in a big screen can show any type of Pictures and children would get the scan without any apprehension.

Endoscopy related procedures

Endo means inside and scopy means to see. Endoscopy means looking directly inside hollow structures. Gastroscopy or upper GI endoscopy is looking down the gullet and stomach. The person with liver disease can have varices which are big vessels and bleeding from varices is a life threatening complication of liver disease. Sometimes we need to look inside the large intestine, called colonoscopy to see if there are any ulcers as in ulcerative colitis. Sometimes we need to do an endoscopy to control bleeding. Another type of endoscopy called ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiogram & Pancreatogram) to look at biliary tree and Pancreatic duct for any blocks or cancer.

Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy

Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy might play a role in preventing the cancer coming back after surgery. Chemotherapy is administerd orally and Intravenously on weekly basis in 4-6 cycles. Radiotherapy is advancing rapidly. Brachytherapy is giving radiation to the effected part or organ with cancer without general side effects. It is an effective mode of treatment either before or after surgery.

Transarterial chemo-embolization (TACE)

This is a procedure, wherein an angiogram is performed (Like Heart Angiogram) to see which blood vessel is feeding the tumor in liver. Once that is cofirmed, an anticancer drug( Chemotherapeutic agent) is injected into the blood vessel along with gelfoam( Embolising agent) so that the drug acts locally withot having any general side effects. This procedure controls the growth of the tumor temporarily while waiting for a Liver transplant

Radio frequency ablation

Radio Frequency Ablation is a method of burning tumor cells using a special needle. The procedure is performed under ultrasound or Laparoscope guidance. This procedure can be used if the patient is not fit for surgery or if the patient is waiting for a Liver transplant.
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