Credits As Consultant In India
First and the only fully trained and qualified Liver Transplant surgeon in Andhra Pradesh
Performed highest number of Deceased donor Liver Transplants in India
The only surgeon in India who has done Three Deceased donor Liver Transplants in succession in four days
Awarded the best doctor of the Year 2006
National coordinator for the Indian Liver Transplant group (ILTG)
Experience in UK & USA
Dr Subba Rao, after completing FRCS in the shortest time possible, had his initial training at Royal Free hospital, University College London . He then moved to the University of Iowa to do a two-year Fellowship in Solid organ Transplant and Hepatobiliary surgery. University of Iowa is one of the best teaching Institutes wherein the transplant team trained at Pittsburgh and University of Wisconsin . Dr Wu, then the director is one of the Fastest and the most skilled surgeon, trained Dr Subba Rao personally in Liver transplant

Kings college hospitals NHS Trust in London is the number one Liver transplant center in the United Kingdom , performing over 200 liver transplants a year and the only center recognized for pediatric liver transplantation. Dr. Subba Rao worked under the Guidance of renowned Surgeons like Prof. Nigel Heaton & Dr. Mohammad Rela at this center. Continued interaction and cooperation from these surgeons, helped him establish in India as a successful liver transplant surgeon with a success rate that is comparable to the best institutes in the world.
Experience in Live donor liver transplantation Japan & Korea
As the western world is taking off in a big way in deceased donor liver transplantation (DDLT), Eastern countries like Japan and South Korea focused their efforts on Live Donor Liver Transplantation (LDLT) because of ethical constraints posed in DDLT. The number of LDLTs performed at these centers is far more than west and the results are comparable to DDLT. Dr. Subbarao has spent a good amount of time at these centers to learn the meticulous techniques that ensure donor safety and an excellent recipient survival rates. The affiliations include :

1 University Hospital , Kyoto , Japan

2 University of Ulsan , Asan Medical Center , Seoul , South Korea
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